About Me

So I suppose you want to know something about me. Lists are lots of fun and so I will give you a list.

Things You Might Know About Me


  • My name is Amanda Marie. (Technically, this doesn’t include my last name but you totally don’t need to go all stalker on me. My last name is rather unusual and hard to pronounce. My high school and college graduations got it wrong.)
  • I am devout Roman Catholic. (Seriously, my undergraduate degree is in Theology and I am taking courses towards my Masters for Theology, Catechetics, and Evangelization.)
  • I read a lot of books. (By a lot, I really mean a lot! Take a look at my bookshelf lists if you don’t believe me.)
  • I am a fifth and sixth grade special education teacher. (I absolutely love my job even if it does leave me drained every day after work. The kids make it worth it.)
  • I also teach fourth grade religious education. (I LOVE these kids. I work in a public school so this is my chance to share the Catholic faith with students. The previous classes I have had all asked if they could be in fourth grade again because we have waayyyy too much fun in my classroom.)
  • I live in the great state of Montana. (And I love it here. Just don’t ask me if I have ___ in town because I bet we don’t! I’m about 120 miles from the nearest city with a Wal-Mart or anything more than a variety store and a grocery store. I still love my town but it is kind of the middle-of-nowhere.)

Things You Might Not Know About Me


  • I have an adorable little kitty kat who thinks she owns the world. I started calling her The Queen or Little Monster interchangeably a few years ago. (Her name really is Midnight and she has taken to hiding most of the time unless she wants attention.)
  • I have Celiac Disease and food allergies. Let me tell you, they suck. A lot. (This also makes eating out where I live a virtual impossibility. I also tend to travel with a bag of food wherever I go. My students all know about this and they are so good about taking care of me. “Oh, she can’t have that! Don’t give her one! She’ll get sick!” are some of what I hear in my classroom.)
  • I have a younger sister. I will often call her my little sister even though she is just a bit taller than me. (I should probably add that I won’t admit to her that she is, in fact, taller than me. I like to pretend that I am taller.)
  • I have never bought a bookcase. My dad has a shop in our basement where he makes stuff. He’s made every bookshelf I ever had (and my desk and bedroom set).

Feel free to contact me at amanda(at)catholicamanda(dot)com.


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