Blogversary ~ Day 7: Looking Forward {and giveaway – Winter Pre-Order!}

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To celebrate this crazy, beautiful, amazing year, I have decided to host a series of giveaways. The giveaways will all be Kindle ebooks since those are cheaper and I can send them internationally much easier. 🙂 Today’s theme is Looking Forward.

Looking to the future can be a scary thing to do. It means that we have to be honest with ourselves about where we think we will be in 6 months, in 1 year, in 5 years. I’m terrible at that. While I love to have a detailed plan about what I want to do, it often isn’t anything too different from what I am doing now.

I have debated going back to graduate school to finish my grad degree (or pick a different field) for going on two years. The farthest I’ve moved along this path is to request information for graduate schools. While I would love to continue my formal education, I’m not entirely sure that will ever happen.

On the personal side, I have plans for this coming summer! Usually I have no idea what I’m going to do before it is like April. Well, my sister is getting married and I am going to Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany for World Youth Day 2016. That is exciting! Other than that, my summer will probably involve me reorganizing my room or something.

In my own life, I’m not the best at actively looking forward. In fact, sometimes, I downright stink at it. However, with this blog, I have to be looking forward.

We do a lot of looking forward as book bloggers. We are reading ARCs of yet to be released titles. We are pre-ordering all the books we can afford. We are always trying to think of ways to make our blogs relevant. We are writing reviews for tomorrow, next week, or next month, depending on how organized we are.

One thing I love the most about looking forward is seeing all of the awesome books that are soon to be released. I love being able to drool over books with pretty covers while I wait for them to arrive at my doorstep (that is, if I pre-order them).

I usually don’t pre-order unless I am super excited and almost positive that I will love the book. I just pre-ordered Winter by Marissa Meyer. The last book I pre-ordered before that was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The first book I ever pre-ordered was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So I don’t usually pre-order. However, I can’t wait to read Winter!

This is the last day of my week-long Blogversary giveaways. I hope you enjoyed it! Here are the links to the previous days: Day 1, Day 2Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6.

Now for this giveaway…

Today is a Kindle ebook pre-order of Winter by Marissa Meyer. I know that I am eagerly anticipating this final installment of The Lunar Chronicles. I cannot wait to read it!


Giveaway Rules

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Good Luck! The giveaway winner will be contacted on November 7th. The winner must respond to my email within 48 hours or another winner will be selected. I am going to verify entries so please don’t cheat.


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8 responses to “Blogversary ~ Day 7: Looking Forward {and giveaway – Winter Pre-Order!}

  1. Happy blogiversary! I agree with you that looking toward the future is scary, but it sounds as if you have a great year ahead.
    Besides Winter, I’m most looking forward to Tower of Thorns by Juliet Marillier.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thank you! This is the first I’ve heard of Tower of Thorns and I am going to have to check that out. Thanks for letting me know about it.
      I hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Thanks for visiting.

      • It’s by Juliet Marillier, one of my all-time favorite authors! If you like beautifully written, often heartbreaking adult fantasy, I highly recommend her. Tower of Thorns is the second book in her newest series, which is good, but her best is the original Sevenwaters trilogy. 😀

        • I’ve read the Sevenwaters series and loved it. Her writing is beautiful. I will have to check out this new series.
          Thanks for letting me know about it. 🙂

  2. Bex

    Definitely Winter. I remember when this series started. How is this the end already? It’s crazy how fast time flies!

    Thanks for the giveaway.