Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s list is my Top Ten Favorite Heroines.

Green RiderTrickster's ChoiceSacrificed
The Reluctant HeiressA College of MagicsPoison StudySplintered
The Morning GiftFirst TestScarlet

1. Karrigan from Green Rider

Karrigan is awesome. Purely and simply awesome. First, she has an amazing horse. Second, she has an awesome ability. Third, she would do anything for Sacoridia. She is strong and loyal and intelligent.

2. Aly from Trickster’s Choice

Aly is just full of energy. She has all the skills of a perfect spy and ends up using them in the field even though her parents never wanted her to. She goes after what she wants.

3. Clio from Sacrificed

Clio has a lot of spunk. She is strong and she will do whatever is necessary to protect her city and those she loves.

4. Tessa from The Reluctant Heiress

Tessa just wants a normal life. She is trying to be happy even when what she does isn’t what everyone else would have her do.

5. Faris from A College of Magics

Faris sometimes doesn’t care what is going on around her but when she decides to do something, she doesn’t do it halfway.

6. Yelena from Poison Study

Yelena is really smart and stands up for herself. After all that she went through, she isn’t going to let anyone push her around.

7. Alyssa from Splintered

Alyssa is literally crazy sometimes but I still love her. She makes hard choices and then does her best to stick by them.

8. Ruth from The Morning Gift

Ruth just wants to find a way to make everything go back to normal. Since that isn’t possible, she goes along as best she can. She really is a survivor.

9. Kel from First Test

Kel is such a caring character. She wants to be a knight so that she can protect those the other nobles don’t care about. She also isn’t afraid to rescue baby kittens from scary spidrens.

10. Cinder and Scarlet from The Lunar Chonicles

I couldn’t pick between the two, so they both ended up here. They are both strong girls who know what they want (most of the time) and are going to do what has to be done.


As I put the cover pictures in, I realized that all of them but Scarlet have the heroine on the cover. And some of these covers are absolutely gorgeous.

These are my Top Ten Favorite Heroines. Feel free to share yours as well and check out the rest of them at The Broke and the Bookish.


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12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

    • This is what I have been saying about almost every list I see this week. There are so many good books listed that I NEED to read.
      Thanks for visiting.

    • I have to read Cress first. I have it sitting on my bookshelf (next to Fairest which I also need to read). I want to read it but yet I don’t want to have to wait almost half a year for the next after I finish it. I’m probably going to cave and start it soon anyway.
      Thanks for visiting.

    • I know that I picked some more obscure books this week. Actually, looking back, I have done that a few times.
      I’ve seen Cinder on quite a few lists this week.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I know about being a latecomer to the Lunar Chronicles. I just read Cinder and Scarlet this month. For the Tamora Pierce books, I loved Tricker’s Choice so so much. I also really loved the Circle of Magic series. They are all great books.