Let’s Discuss! Book Formats

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Let's Discuss! Book Formats

Lately I have been reading a lot more on my kindle. Mainly this is due to where I have been getting books.

The local library doesn’t have the best selection of books. I could get a card to a different library with a much nicer selection but those libraries are 2+ hours from my house. I don’t want to have to drive 2+ hours to check out a book and about a week or two later drive the same 2+ hours to return the book.

There is interlibrary loan. I could request and receive any book in the whole state of Montana… if I wanted to pay a couple of dollars per book. Yep, the libraries are so far apart that there is a fee to use interlibrary loan.

Instead I have been using the Montana digital library to check out ebooks. They have audiobooks too but I choose not to check those out. This digital library, unlike interlibrary loan, is free.

Despite ebooks being the most often read book type thanks to the digital library and NetGalley, I prefer to read physical books. I love the smell of book (don’t you dare tell me there isn’t one). I also love being about to actually see all of the books on my bookshelf at once rather than scrolling through a list of titles.

Typically, I prefer paperback books. They are smaller and easier to fit in my purse. They are also cheaper than hardcovers. I will end up with hardcovers mainly because they are released first in hardcover or they are used.

I also prefer paperbacks because with hardcovers I need a place to safely store the dust jacket when I’m reading. I do not like to read with the dust jackets on. And I don’t want the dust jacket to get creased or ripped or bent or anything.

I guess I just love my paperbacks more, even when they do have broken spines. That just means that I love them lots and reread them all the time.

So now it’s your turn. Which book format do you prefer?


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8 responses to “Let’s Discuss! Book Formats

  1. Hi Amanda!

    I’ve never heard of a public library that charges for inter-library loans. That’s insane. It is nice, though, that libraries have started e-book collections.

    I have an e-reader, but I don’t use it very much. I prefer reading paperback books, but I find that they hurt my hands more than hardback books. (Have you ever had that happen – you read so much in one day that your hands hurt from keeping your book open?)

    And books do have a smell, and I love it, too! 🙂
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    • It is crazy to charge for interlibrary loans but I can understand it out here. I live in rural, central Montana. It costs a lot in gas money to drive from city to city and the post office isn’t exactly cheap either.

      I have had my hard hurt from reading too much. When that happens I will sometimes switch to the kindle. Sometimes I love the book so much that it doesn’t bother me. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I definitely prefer paperbacks…but I don’t discount the usefulness of ebooks for a second. THEY ARE GOOD! And helpful! I love that if I go away I can take my kindle and never ever worry about running out of books. While if I take physical books away with me I might run out/get them ruined. So yes. There’s that too. x)

    My library charges me for inter-library loans unless it’s a kids book. The trouble is they often shelve YA as adult and I have to pay. Waaaah! I’m a poor bookworm! Libraries should be free!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!
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    • Ebooks are so very handy at times (especially traveling).

      I totally agree that libraries should be free! The evils that are student loans and all these adult bills are cutting into my already minuscule book budget. 🙁

      Thanks for dropping by.

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