A Little Bit About Me

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pic of me in glacier national parkHi!

I’m Amanda and I’m Catholic (in case you couldn’t tell from the blog title). I am 23 years old.

I live in Montana, Diocese of Great Falls – Billings. What is really cool is that the site has a page with the diocesan stats. For example, the diocese is two-thirds of the whole state of Montana. That means 94,158 square miles!!

I teach small group reading and math at the local elementary (5-6) school. It is a great job and I absolutely love it. Some days can be tough, but seeing the kids’ faces when they can read a great book they never thought they could makes it all just fine.

I also teach 4th grade religious education. I have a great group of kids (about 12, but it fluctuates a bit each week). They have great questions and love looking up Bible passages. Sometimes I think we may have too much fun in class… if that’s possible.

My passions are my Catholic faith (obviously), reading, writing and organizing. I love being Catholic and I try to make sure I am living that every day. I want to be the person God created me to be.

I read a lot. When I have some time and nothing else to do (or nothing I want to do), I grab my book and read. I have a kindle* which I love. I’ve had mine for almost two years so it has been through a lot. The dents can prove it. Sometimes I wish I had the one that has a built-in light to make it easier to read in low light conditions but mine is still working just fine. I have acquired quite a collection of ebooks both from Amazon and from converting and sending web pages* to the kindle. Using that I have sent encyclicals and other sites like New Advent Encyclopedia to my kindle. So convenient. I also read a lot of physical books because they are cool. No, really, I love the smell of books.

I write when I can. This should be sort of obvious since I started a blog. I like to write poetry and sometimes fiction. I have been participating in NaNoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month) since I started college. It is a great way to actually write even when you have no idea what you are writing about. Somehow it all works out in the end.

As for organizing. I am completely and totally addicted to making sure my spaces (house, classroom, ect) are organized. I love to use Thirty-One products and so I’m a consultant which does nothing to help my addiction in the least. 🙂

Anyway, that’s me. I’d love to hear from all of you. Leave comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also email me at amanda(at)catholicamanda(dot)com.


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