Review: Time’s Edge

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Review: Time’s EdgeTime's Edge by Rysa Walker
Series: The Chronos Files #2
Publisher: Skyscape (2014)
eBook (452 pages)
Via: Library
Reading Challenges: Read 2014


To stop her sadistic grandfather, Saul, and his band of time travelers from rewriting history, Kate must race to retrieve the CHRONOS keys before they fall into the Cyrists' hands. If she jumps back in time and pulls the wrong key--one that might tip off the Cyrists to her strategy--her whole plan could come crashing down, jeopardizing the future of millions of innocent people. Kate's only ally is Kiernan, who also carries the time-traveling gene. But their growing bond threatens everything Kate is trying to rebuild with Trey, her boyfriend who can't remember the relationship she can't forget.
As evidence of Saul's twisted mind builds, Kate's missions become more complex, blurring the line between good and evil. Which of the people Saul plans to sacrifice in the past can she and Kiernan save without risking their ultimate goal--or their own lives?

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This was a book I borrowed via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. I read the first book in the series a few months ago. Then I decided in December to borrow the second. It was … an interesting book.

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Review: The Miracle of Lourdes

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Review: The Miracle of LourdesThe Miracle of Lourdes by John Lochran
Publisher: St Anthony Messenger Press (2008)
Paperback (131 pages)
Reading Challenges: Read 2014


To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the miracle of Lourdes, where Our Lady appeared to French schoolgirl Bernadette Soubirous, Father John Lochran retells the familiar story with deep insight and new appreciation. Lochran explores the history and meaning of the miraculous events in light of modern theology and spirituality and offers his own reflections on Lourdes, then and now. This armchair pilgrimage to one of the church's most beloved shrines will be a treasured keepsake for those who have never been to Lourdes and for those who have.

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miracle-of-lourdes-quote Lourdes was once described to me as the Disney World of the Catholic chuch, as God's Magic Kingdom. I had to reply that it is th complete opposite. Disney World is a commerical enterprise where joy and pleasure is manufactured and paid for. Lourdes ia about generosity of spirit where true joy is found in giving time and loving service to the sick and those in need. It has nothing to do with magic or fairy tales and legends. It is founded on a reality, a remarkable reality, historical reality, and above all a sacred reality.

I received this book for my birthday when I was in high school. I love the stories Father Lochran tells of his time in Lourdes. I have not been to Lourdes but I would love to go. This book has really made me want to go even more.

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Now Christmas is Almost Here: Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent

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It is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas already! It is the 21st of December, only a little over a week from the next year, the new year. This year it seems that Advent has passed so much faster than last year. I feel that I am barely prepared for Christmas.

  1. I have not yet found my Advent wreath. Last year I was driving cross-country during the middle of Advent and never pulled it out. This year, I can’t find it anywhere. It was in a box when I graduated from college in Wisconsin. Where it is now, I’m not entirely sure. Hopefully I’ll find it before next year.
  2. I never sent out Christmas cards. On Friday I finally sent out seven handwritten letters, basically just updates because I have been neglecting to write for so long.
  3. I have not yet decided what I want to make that I can actually eat for Christmas. Food allergies make this a bit more complicated than it usually would be. Not one of the highest priorities, but one I do need to get to… eventually.

In other ways, I am prepared. Barely prepared, I might add, but at least a little bit.

  1. There was a Penance service at my parish last Thursday.
  2. I made it though the last week of school without getting too fed up with some of my students. The last week before break is always the hardest.
  3. I have presents for the three people I actually worry about buying presents for: my mom, my dad, and my sister.
  4. The above mentioned presents are wrapped (as of yesterday) and down by the tree (since it is hard to fit stuff under it).

I hope that your holiday preparations are going well and you are all prepared for Christmas. I know that I am rather glad there are two weeks off school, I know I needed it.

I love the Christmas holidays. They are some of my favorite of the year. For example, some of my favorite holidays this time of the year: Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Lucy, Christmas, the Holy Family, the Holy Innocents, Mary the Mother of God, and Epiphany.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you.


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Review: Chastity Is for Lovers

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Review: Chastity Is for LoversChastity is for Lovers by Arleen Spenceley
Publisher: Ave Maria Press (2014)
eARC (120 pages)
Via: NetGalley
Reading Challenges: Read 2014


In 2012, journalist Arleen Spenceley outed herself as a twenty-six-year-old virgin in a Tampa Bay Times op-ed that went viral. In Chastity Is for Lovers, Spenceley expands on that piece, advocating Catholic teaching on sex and marriage with candor and humor, and without judgment.
In her debut book, seasoned journalist and self-professed "happy virgin" Arleen Spenceley offers a mature, funny, and relatable vision of Catholic teaching on chastity for young adults. Chastity Is for Lovers provides perspective on a variety of topics—the difference between chastity and abstinence, how virginity is an affirming and valuable life choice, how the word "purity" can be harmful in ministry settings, how to date well, and why sexual self-control is the best form of marriage preparation—and gives single adults the best possible chance to find true love. She carefully avoids using language that shames readers and instead presents a view of chastity that is joyful and positive.

Find the book: Goodreads, Amazon, Book Depository


This is a book I had heard about once before I found it on NetGalley. I requested it and read it in two days. Thanks, Ave Maria Press!

Take a look at the publication date. The feast of Saint Catherine Labouré! And the publisher is Ave Maria Press. From that alone, I knew I would like this book.

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