Things Every Catholic (and Non-Catholic) Should Know – {Review} The Catholic Catalogue

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Things Every Catholic (and Non-Catholic) Should Know – {Review} The Catholic CatalogueThe Catholic Catalogue by Melissa Musick, Anna Keating
Publisher: Image (2016)
Hardcover (432 pages)
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The popular mother-daughter team behind the hit website helps readers to discover, rediscover, and embrace some of the smells and tastes, sounds and sensations, holidays and seasons of the Catholic life. This collection of prayers, crafts, devotionals and recipes will help readers make room in their busy lives for mystery and meaning, awe and joy.
This beautifully designed book will help readers celebrate Catholicism throughout the years, across daily practice and milestones. Like the most useful field guides, it is divided into user-friendly sections and covers such topics as the veneration of relics, blessing your house, discovering a vocation, raising teenagers, getting a Catholic tattoo, planting a Mary garden, finding a spiritual director, and exploring your own way in the tradition.
With more than 75 inspiring chapters, this book promises to be a resource that individuals and families will turn to again and again.

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My Review

So I know this book isn’t necessarily meant to be read cover-to-cover but that is how I read it. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss any little bit of awesomeness contained in this wonderful book.

Melissa Musick and Anna Keating run a successful website: It was that website that lead to this amazing 82 chapter book on various aspects of Catholic life.

The book is divided into three main sections: Smells and BellsSeasons of the Church Year, and Seasons of Life.

The first main section, Smells and Bells, deals with the things Catholics keep, wear, or use. This includes relics, holy water, vestments, scapulars, candles, and even daily prayer.

The second main section, Seasons of the Church Year, is subdivided according to the liturgical year. The subsections are Ordinary TimeAdventChristmasWinter Ordinary TimeLentEasterSummer Ordinary Time, and Autumn Ordinary Time. Each of these subsections has between three to nine chapters on various topics. Some of these topics include the Liturgy of the Hours, feast days, and various traditions.

The third main section is Seasons of Life. The subsections are Childhood to Adolescence, Young Adulthood, and Adulthood. These are the sections that deal with the sacraments. There are also chapters about spiritual direction, pilgrimages, and vocations.

One of the chapters that really caught my attention was the chapter on consecrated virginity. I wasn’t expecting to see this vocation included since it is relatively unknown. As you may remember from some of my previous posts, this is the vocation that I am currently discerning. It made me smile to see it included here.

In all, The Catholic Catalogue is a wonderful resource. I would most definitely recommend it to all Catholics and anyone who it at all interested in knowing more about some of the things that Catholics do.


I received this book for free from the publisher via Blogging for Books for
review consideration. This in no way affects my opinion of the title
nor the content of this review.


Is there anything in the Catholic Church that you are interested in knowing more about? I’d be more than happy to do a series if there is interest.

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