The Epic Conclusion to One of My Favorite Series of Ever! – Divined {Review}

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The Epic Conclusion to One of My Favorite Series of Ever! – Divined {Review}Divined by Emily Wibberley
Series: The Last Oracle #3
Publisher: Wibbs Ink (2016 - April 26)
eARC (402 pages)
Via: Author
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The epic conclusion to the Last Oracle Series…
Clio has forsaken the Deities and turned her back on her powers. Unable to trust her Visions, she is left alone and weak on the outskirts of Sheehan.
When the Emperor hears that an Oracle has survived in the Empire, he places a price on her head, forcing Clio to flee to the ancient city of Cearo. But the Deities have other plans for Clio, and it’s not long before she is faced with new foes, including a priestess with uncanny powers.
With rumors of unrest in the Empire growing and alliances within the nobles shifting, Riece seeks out Clio with a desperate plea. To protect the Empire, Clio will have to return to where her journey began—the sacrificial pyramid of Morek—to fight a new evil in an unimaginable form and confront the greatest enemy she's ever known: her father.

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My Review

I did not realize until the end of the novel that Divined is the last Last Oracle book! AAAHHH! This is the last book with Clio and the gang! I am definitely going to miss this world.

Clio spends the majority of Divined trying to get away from the control of the Deities. After the way Forsworn ended, Clio knows that she can no longer trust the visions she is being sent.

So Clio runs away from the people she loves. She thinks this will keep them safe from the danger that seems to follow her wherever she goes. She leaves her oldest friend, King Derik of Sheehan. She leaves Riece, the person she loves the most who also happens to be the heir to the empire that wants her dead.

What is a girl to do when she finally has to stop running? When do you finally decide that enough is enough? When do you finally take a stand against the Deities for all the wrong they have done? These are some of the questions Clio has to grapple with in Divined.

Then there is Riece. He doesn’t want Clio to leave him. He truly loves her even after all the running she has done. He wants to protect her forever. But how does a mortal protect the Oracle from the Deities she is bound to serve? How can Riece save Clio from herself?

Ashira and Ixie, Clio’s Vessels, will follow wherever she leads. Ixie is the fighter. She can be impetuous and a bit insane at times but that does not mean she doesn’t love Clio in her own way. Ashira is the quiet one with lots of compassion. She would rather avoid fights. She is sensitive and supportive.

The girls meet Ealis when they flee the Empire. He has gifts of his own and, for some reason, he wants to give Clio any help she needs. He is an interesting character who, I have to say, grew on me as the story progressed.

I have never exactly liked Zarae. This book does nothing to improve my opinion of her. She is a manipulative princess willing to do anything for her country.

Atzi is an interesting character. She is definitely unique, I can say. Her relationship with the Deities is… interesting and different from the way Clio perceives them. It took me some time to warm up to her.

Tirza, she has spunk. She knows what she wants and she loves her brother, Riece, unconditionally. She comes off as a bit weak sometimes but, near the end, she definitely shows strength.

Divined was an amazing ending to the Last Oracle series. I also love that Wibberley isn’t afraid to put all our precious characters in mortal peril. In a battle against a super-powerful Deity, not everyone is going to come out unscathed and death is a very real outcome.

I love Divined and I am going to miss reentering the world of Sheehan and Morek. I will have to rearead this amazing series. If you haven’t read this series yet, go start it now!


I received this book for free from the author for review consideration.
This in no way affects my opinion of the title nor the content of this review.

Do you have a favorite series whose world you want to revisit even after you’ve finished the series?

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