{Review} The High King’s Tomb – A New Antagonist and Back to Being a Messenger

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{Review} The High King’s Tomb – A New Antagonist and Back to Being a MessengerThe High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain
Series: Green Rider #3
Publisher: Daw (2007)
Paperback (643 pages)
Also by this author: Green Rider, First Rider's Call, Blackveil
Also in this series: Green Rider, First Rider's Call, Blackveil
Reading Challenges: 2015 Re-Reading, Read 2015


More than a thousand years ago the armies of the Arcosian Empire, led by Mornhavon the Black, crossed the great sea and tried to conquer the land of Sacoridia using terrible dark magic. Eventually Mornhavon had been captured, and his evil spirit imprisoned in Blackveil Forest, protected by the mighty D’Yer Wall; and in the centuries since the war’s end, knowledge of the working of magic had disappeared from Sacoridia.
Karigan G’ladheon was now a seasoned Green Rider—a member of the magical messenger corps of the king. But during her first year as a Rider, a rogue magician had cracked the D’Yer Wall. The spirit of Mornhavon, sensing the weakness, had begun to wake, seeking vengeance. Karigan had managed to transport the spirit of Mornhavon into the future, buying valuable time for her king and country. But how far in the future was Mornhavon now? There was no way to tell.
And though Karigan and her fellow Riders scoured the land searching for lost magical knowledge, they were unaware of a threat to their kingdom that lay far closer: the descendants of ancient enemies had spent generations honing their powers of dark magic—a force against which the Sacoridians had no defense.
The High King’s Tomb is the thrilling third installment of the Green Rider series.

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My Review

This is the third book in the amazing Green Rider series. This book is one of my favorites since the first book because we are finally back to riding across the country! There is also more magic in this book as well as Eletians and even the Berry Sisters make an appearance again.

There is a new antagonist in this book. Her name is Grandmother and she is the leader of what was once the Sacor City sect of Second Empire. She is pretty darn vile and uses a strange magic. Her abilities are uncanny and she really knows how to wreak havoc in Sacoridia.

Karigan is sent on a message errand with a Rider Trainee named Fergal Duff. She first gets to head to Selium to deliver a message to the dean or the Golden Guardian. On route to Selium, Fergal makes some not very bright decisions which almost result in his early return to Sacor City.

In Selium, Karigan ends up having to wait to deliver the message and so she is able to spend time with Estral. After that message is delivered, Karigan and Fergal are to go purchase more Rider horses and then a quick stop at Mirwellton. However, things don’t always go as planned and that is where the story gets more interesting.

This book really brings back the messenger aspect of the series which wasn’t as prevalent in the previous book. I loved having Karigan and Condor together riding across the country, even if they did have to be accompanied by Fergal.

I loved getting to see where the Rider horses come from and discovering the abilities of Grandmother. There is also more Fastion the Weapon in this book and that makes me happy. Overall, this is a great installment in the series.

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