Review: Time’s Edge

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Review: Time’s EdgeTime's Edge by Rysa Walker
Series: The Chronos Files #2
Publisher: Skyscape (2014)
eBook (452 pages)
Via: Library
Reading Challenges: Read 2014


To stop her sadistic grandfather, Saul, and his band of time travelers from rewriting history, Kate must race to retrieve the CHRONOS keys before they fall into the Cyrists' hands. If she jumps back in time and pulls the wrong key--one that might tip off the Cyrists to her strategy--her whole plan could come crashing down, jeopardizing the future of millions of innocent people. Kate's only ally is Kiernan, who also carries the time-traveling gene. But their growing bond threatens everything Kate is trying to rebuild with Trey, her boyfriend who can't remember the relationship she can't forget.
As evidence of Saul's twisted mind builds, Kate's missions become more complex, blurring the line between good and evil. Which of the people Saul plans to sacrifice in the past can she and Kiernan save without risking their ultimate goal--or their own lives?

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This was a book I borrowed via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. I read the first book in the series a few months ago. Then I decided in December to borrow the second. It was … an interesting book.

I Wanted to Know What Happened

So, this is the second time travelling book I’ve read (the first in the series is the first). I’m not entirely sure I like time travel books. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book. But I was a bit lost sometimes. Things would happen or something would be referenced and I wouldn’t know what was going on for a bit. Maybe it is just a time travel book thing but the days lasted forever. I really can’t see a seventeen year old functioning for 70+ hours straight more than once. And then there was the end. I’m not entirely sure what happened and am a bit confused. Timeline shifts are generally confusing, or so I’m told many times in the book.

Kate and Trey and Kiernan

The story jumps between these three quite a bit. In an alternate timeline which Kiernan remembers and Kate doesn’t, they were a couple. In a different alternate timeline which Kate remembers and Trey doesn’t, they were a couple. It was really strange and confusing most of the time with that. I wasn’t ever sure what Kate was going to do with either one.

Genetic Time Travel

Time travel in the Chronos Files series is genetic. Somehow in 2300 there was genetic things happening which allowed certain people with a specific gene to use Chronos keys. It is through the Chronos keys that one can view points at any given time as well as use the key to travel to that point. The keys also glow to those with the Chronos gene and each person sees a different color. That was how they identified each other, I guess. Genetic time travel was an interesting concept.


Time’s Edge* was in interesting book. I found it rather confusing with all the different timelines to try to keep track of. I was disoriented reading it. However, if time travel novels are your thing and you don’t get as easily confused as I apparently do, you would probably like this book a lot. The characters are, for the most part, complex though somewhat predictable at times. The plot is interesting and very non-linear thanks to the time travel. Overall, a decent book but not really my cup of tea.


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