So, I’ve Been Really Sick

Posted January 16, 2017 in Life / 0 Comments

I am sorry that this blog has kind of fallen by the wayside lately.

The end of November and beginning of December were the end of the grad school semester and I had a lot of final projects due.

Then I got glutened and ended up traveling for the holidays where I got glutened again. My maternal grandmother is not doing well at all and we had to drive halfway across the country to visit her. Her death is rather imminent and she is in hospice right now.

After returning home at the very end of December, I managed to catch influenza and bronchitis thanks to my wonderful celiac disease. I have literally been sleeping 20+ hours a day for the past two weeks.

I have been trying to get an end-of-the-year wrap-up done, but now I’m not sure that is going to happen. I am way behind on reviews, but I promise they are coming.

Please, bear with me, people, and I will get things back on track soon.


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