SQT: What A Week!

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Seven Quick Takes

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This is my first time linking-up.


I had an interesting week compounded with a headache which started last Friday and is just starting to go away. I have tried just about everything and now it is finally deciding to go away!


This week has also been the last full week of the school year. Only eight more days left! I might be more excited than my students. I know we all need the break.


Speaking of breaks. We have a three day weekend. Thank you, Memorial Day. After all of the stuff that went down this week, I definitely need this long weekend.


Last weekend I was in the big city and started searching thrift shops for hidden treasures. I was looking for items that would work for summer camp theme days. I may have found some things. I want to wash them before I try them on, then I will maybe post some pictures (most likely to Instagram). These theme days are going to be awesome.


On the topic of summer camp, it is the diocesan summer youth camp. Each week is a different age/gender group. What I can tell from the planning, this summer is going to be amazing!


Weather-wise, we have hopefully finally left the nights of freezing behind. That is good news for the garden and the flowers. Hopefully no more frosts. I’m ready for summer.


With summer approaching, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. The sun is already coming up around 5am and not setting until 9pm. It is kind of nice not to have to walk to and from school in the dark. However, the longer hours of daylight make me think I should still be awake even when I am ready to fall asleep. (Yes, I have an early bedtime.)

That’s all I’ve got. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Pentecost Sunday!


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