Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Want to Reread

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Top Ten  Tuesday is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This will be my first time joining in the fun.

This week’s list is the Top Ten Books I Want to Reread.

Ten Books I Want to Reread

1. Mirror Sight* by Kristen Britain

I read this book the week it came out. May I add that I read it really fast because it was on loan from a friend who really wanted it back to reread. Therefore, I really want my own copy so I can read it again and actually give it the time it deserves.

2. Our Lady of Kibeho* by Immaculée Illigabiza

First, if you haven’t heard about Immaculée Illibagiza you seriously need to go read about her right now. She is an amazing woman. This book is her story growing up in Rwanda, the genocide, and how it all strengthened her faith. Reading this book was also the first time I’d heard about Our Lady of Kibeho. That was actually what intrigued me to pick up the book.

3. A Countess Below Stairs* by Eva Ibbotson

This is a great book about a young Russian countess who flees the Russian revolution. She ends up in England and takes a job working as a maid in an earl’s house. I don’t want to ruin it for you by telling you my favorite part.

4. The Singer of All Songs* by Kate Constable

This is the first book in an amazing trilogy. In short, there are different areas where different “songs”are. The singers are basically mages. In some areas they are revered as priestesses and in others they are taken as slaves to pirates. I really love this series and haven’t had the chance to reread them in a long while. I’m going to have to dust off my copy and get to it.

5. Green Angel* by Alice Hoffman

If memory serves me right, I purchased this book at a book fair in grade school. It is a rather short book (116 pages in my copy). However, I love the story. It is about a girl whose family dies in a fire. Almost everybody dies in that fire actually. She is left alone and has to cope with losing her family as well as finding the means to survive. Through the story she works through her grief. It is a nice quick read that I recommend.

6. The Storyteller’s Daughter* by Cameron Dokey

This book is part of the Once Upon A Time series. I actually think it was the first. Again, this is a YA novel that I read in grade school. It is a retelling of the Arabian Knights from the storyteller’s perspective. This is a great book that actually lead me into reading more of the fairy tale retellings in this series.

7. Old Magic* by Marianne Curley

I have no idea where  I got this book or exactly when. The story is set in Australia if memory serves me right (the author is Australian). It is about this witch girl who meets a boy on whose family is a curse. They go back in time to when the curse was placed to try to free the family from more suffering. It is a great book that I know I need to reread again… soon.

8. A Ring of Endless Light* by Madeleine L’Engle

I wanted to read this book after I first saw the movie based on it. The movie makes quite a few changes from the book but both are still great. The movie was on some cable channel that we didn’t get at my house (we never had cable). I had begged my aunt to record it for me. She did and then for Christmas I received this book. Great book! I also really liked Troubling a Star which comes later in the Austen Family series.

9. A College of Magics* by Caroline Stevermer

This book takes a different spin on magic than most books I’ve read. The school Faris Nallaneen attends never actually teaches magic, nor are students allowed to practice. But that isn’t even the main part of the story. The story is about Faris and what she goes through while her uncle schemes to gain more power from Faris’s independent duchy. Very interesting book… and there is a sequel*.

10. The Secret of the Rosary* by Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

I have read this book a few times. When October (The Month of the Rosary) came around I put it on the top of my bookshelf, fully intending to reread it in October. That didn’t happen. So here I am with it again. Instead of chapter or section headings, de Montfort calls them “roses.” There are fifty roses in the book. Beautiful book that really brought me closer to the Rosary, especially the first time I read it.


These are the Top Ten Books I Want to Reread. Feel free to share yours as well and check out the rest of them at The Broke and the Bookish.


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2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Want to Reread

  1. I haven’t read Our Lady of Kibeho but I’ve read Immaculée’s other two books and I’m always blown away by her story.

    • Her story is amazing. Hearing her speak about it all… it was powerful. I think almost everybody had some tears at least once. She also has two more books out now (total of five, I think).