Review: Victoria and the Rogue

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Review: Victoria and the RogueVictoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot
Publisher: Avon Books (2003)
Paperback (241 pages)
Also by this author: The Princess Diaries, Princess in the Spotlight
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Growing up in far-off India, wealthy young heiress Lady Victoria Arbuthnot was accustomed to handling her own affairs — not to mention everyone else’s. But in her sixteenth year, Vicky is unceremoniously shipped off to London to find a husband. With her usual aplomb, however, Lady Victoria gets herself engaged to the perfect English gentleman, even before setting foot on British soil.
Hugo Rothschild, ninth earl of Malfrey, is everything a girl could want in a future husband: he is handsome and worldly, if not rich. Lady Victoria has everything just as she’d like it. That is, if raffish young ship captain Jacob Carstairs would leave well enough alone.
Jacob’s meddling is nothing short of exasperating, and Victoria is mystified by his persistence. But when it becomes clear that young Lord Malfrey just might not be all that he’s professed to be, Victoria is forced to admit, for the first time in her life, that she is wrong. Not only about her fiance, but about the reason behind the handsome ship captain’s interference.

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This book is pretty predictable. I picked it up for a reread because I was in the mood for a light, easy read. This book certainly fits that bill.

Victoria is the only child of the Duke of Harrow which makes her an extremely wealthy heiress. Victoria always gets things her way and is always convinced she is right. So she is a bit bossy. By a bit, I mean a lot. She meddled in her uncles’ lives a bit too much in India so they sent her off to England, to her mother’s sister, to find a husband.

You would think that Victoria would get the message and stop meddling, but no. Victoria just continues trying to plan everybody’s life for them. Her own plan is to get married as soon as she can to a perfect English gentleman so she won’t have to live with her relatives for long.

Victoria feels she has found the perfect husband in the Earl of Malfrey. She met him onboard the boat when she left India. She is thrilled when he proposes before they are even back to England. Jacob Carstairs, however, is not pleased. He is ship captain who boarded in Africa and seems to like to interfere with Victoria’s perfectly made plans.

I think you can all see where this is going. Captain Carstairs does everything he can think of to try to stop Victoria’s engagement to Malfrey. including going to her uncle. Victoria is convinced that Malfrey loves her and that she loves him. Then, Captain Carstairs has to tell Victoria something about her intended groom.

Have you figured it out already? I knew how this book would end even before I started it the first time I picked it up (that was in high school oh so long ago). The way the ending comes about is the interesting part. There are a few different twists that keep things interesting.

As a random and slightly interesting side not, I kept saying Malfrey’s name as Malfoy instead. Oh my random connections to Harry Potter…  🙂

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