Introducing Catholic Connections

Posted March 19, 2015 in Faith / 2 Comments

I have been thinking for a while of adding something to my reviews that I’m thinking of calling Catholic Connections. Since I am Roman Catholic and am not at all ashamed of my faith, I want to incorporate that more on my blog.

A lot of things (especially books) can have Catholic Christian values or tropes without even knowing it. There are connections I can make between any book and my Catholic faith. Most often these connection will not be perfect or even overt, especially if the author is not intending such connections. Yet I still think some connections can be made.

On the subject of magic, since I read a lot of fantasy, there are a few things I want to say. Magic does not mean evil as I have heard some people say. As I fear that I will get my words messed up here, I’m going to point you towards a wonderful post by the amazing Kendra at Catholic All Year. She wrote a post about this topic in response to comments about her daughter’s Harry Potter birthday party.

I am just human and as such I am not entitled to omniscience. Therefore, it is impossible to expect me to know everything there is to know. I am also not the Pope or anyone of any consequence in the Roman Catholic Church. I am one of the laity and what I say does not carry the official approval of the Catholic Church. It is only my opinion.

I guess this is just me telling you what I am planning to do. Starting next week, I will be adding Catholic Connections to my upcoming reviews. If you have any feedback on this, I would love to hear it.

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2 responses to “Introducing Catholic Connections

  1. I think it’s a great idea! I’m Protestant, but I enjoy learning about the Catholic faith. It’s really interesting and complex, at least to my Protestant mind 😉 .

    I know that there are mixed feelings about magic in churches around the world. I haven’t quite thought through this issue myself, but I do love fantasy. I’m also a huge fan of Harry Potter. So I’m 99% sure I won’t take the super strict “magic = evil” view.

    I’m looking forward to your new series. I think it’ll be interesting!
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    • Thanks!
      Even as a Catholic, I still find things to be pretty complex at times. 🙂
      I hope you enjoy these small bits as part of my reviews.