Just A Family Christmas

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I really love Christmas with my family. We have some wonderful traditions that we follow (almost) every year.


  • Christmas Eve Mass –> Usually it is Midnight Mass. This year it was 7pm as my little sister had surgery a week ago and wouldn’t have been up to midnight.


  • Deep-Fried Food –> We always have deep-fried food after Mass when we get home. It doesn’t matter how late it is (or early in the morning). I used to love deep-fried cheese curds but now the no-gluten means that I get to make the most delicious gluten-free apple fritters. Yum.


  • Presents –> Presents are always opened after the deep-fried food snack. My parents always liked to sleep in on Christmas Day so presents were always after Midnight Mass.


  • Steaks for Lunch –> This is a new tradition since we moved away from most of the family. Before we moved it would be to my mom’s brother’s place for Christmas lunch. Now, my dad makes steaks on the grill.


  • Christmas Movies –> Christmas Day is when we like to watch various Christmas movies. This year we watched my favorite, The Nativity Story.

Merry Christmas!


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2 responses to “Just A Family Christmas

  1. I’d love to go to midnight mass, but we’ve sort of made it a tradition to go to the 4pm family mass. My sister and I have been doing the family mass music for so long that even though I’m technically an adult now, they still want us back!

    This year was extra special though, because I was asked to be the angel that carried in the (actual live) baby Jesus during the gospel/pageant. I got to hang out with all the little actors and actresses “backstage” and bond with my tiny co-angels. Also, slightly ironically, the baby’s name was Joseph 🙂

    Another gluten-free family! We had to re-invent a lot of our traditional Christmas foods to become gluten free this year… all props go to my sister for her ingenuity.

    Merry Christmas!