My First Swap

Posted August 17, 2015 in Reading / 2 Comments

So I have decided to join the CGSwaps’s Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap. I’ve never been part of a swap before and I debated heavily before I just went for it and signed up. I just love receiving books and this swap means that I will get three new books! One book from my wishlist, one book my partner loved, and one book my partner thinks looks interesting. I can’t wait to send one of my favorite books to my swap partner. I just have to decide which one… You can join me and sign up as well until August 24th.

Have any of you ever done a swap before? It sounds like it is going to be fun!


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2 responses to “My First Swap

  1. Hi! This is my second Books & Bloggers swap & 4th overall swap with Chaotic Goddess; they are such a blast! I think you’ll be really glad you decided to join in! Happy swapping! 🙂
    Maggie recently posted…Books & Bloggers Swap