Only One Week Left! {SQT}

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Seven Quick Takes

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Only four more days left in the school year! I highly doubt much will happen next week learning-wise. We have class picnics, awards ceremonies, and an early out the last day. Not to mention that grades have to be entered by the end of the day on Monday so the rest of the week really doesn’t count. Hopefully it will be an easy week.


I am getting sick of the rain. Sure, I know we need it, bad. Still, I just wait it would hold off until I was home before it begins pouring. At least it will be nice and green out for a bit.


For Memorial Weekend I had the house to myself. Well, it was the cat and I. It was a nice weekend to read and clean in relative silence. I needed that.


Last weekend I also took Saturday and went to the city. It was raining so bad and I got stuck behind a semi the whole way. It was over 115 miles of little visibility going on 50 miles an hour. (In case you didn’t know, the speed limit in Montana is 70. 50 is way slower than that and makes the drive take so much longer.)


I’ve been playing with my essential oils almost all week. I got my Everyday Oils from Young Living and I love them. My cat seems to love them as well and has been spending an unprecedented amount of time lying in my room beneath the diffuser.


I have one more book to finish before I have read all of my library books. Once they’re returned, I won’t be checking any out until August. Such is life when I won’t be in town most of the summer.


I’ve been researching and debating a new camera. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be going to World Youth Day next year (Krakow 2016). I would like a new camera before then. There are so many choices and I’m not exactly sure what I want. I do want something better than my point-and-shoot but I don’t think I can afford a DSLR. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


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