Review: City of Ashes – More Drama and Demons

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Review: City of Ashes – More Drama and DemonsCity of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #2
Publisher: McElderry Books (2008)
Paperback (453 pages)
Via: Library
Also by this author: City of Bones, City of Glass, The Bane Chronicles
Also in this series: City of Bones, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels
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Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what’s normal when you’re a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? Clary would love to spend more time with her best friend, Simon. But the Shadowhunters won’t let her go–especially her handsome, infuriating newfound brother, Jace. And Clary’s only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil–and also her father. When the second of the Mortal Instruments os stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor suspects Jace. Could Jace really be willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?

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My Review

I liked reentering the world of the Shadowhunters. It is the world with Clary and Simon, Jace and Alec and Isabelle. There are werewolves and vampires, magicians and fairies and demons. It is a pretty interesting world.

Clary is staying at Luke’s place since her mother is still in the hospital in a coma. Clary is trying to come to terms with everything that happened with Valentine. She still is a bit shocked by all the Shadowhunter stuff but she is a lot more comfortable than in City of Bones.

This book continues the storyline of Valentine being the creepy guy trying to basically take over the world… again. This time it is a slightly different plan but just as deadly with the involvement of the second Mortal Instrument.

This book definitely had some twists I wasn’t expecting. That was nice. I enjoy being surprised when reading. It keeps things interesting. Cassandra Clare definitely does that.

Jace is struggling with the realization that Valentine is his father and Clary is his sister. That makes him a bit unstable to begin with. Then Alec and Isabelle’s mom reacts to that revelation and things just get worse. It really doesn’t help that Jace is kind of into sarcasm and against authority.

Magnus Bane shows up here again. He is an interesting character. He reacts in his own way and you are never exactly sure what he is going to do. He is also some extremely powerful warlock dude who actually helps the good guys.

I am looking forward to reading City of Glass.

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