A Children’s Adventure Catechism – St. Patrick’s Summer {Review}

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A Children’s Adventure Catechism – St. Patrick’s Summer {Review}St. Patrick's Summer by Marigold Hunt
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (1950)
Paperback (277 pages)
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Between catechism lessons taught by saints, the children travel back in time to witness persecuted Catholics risking their lives to attend furtive Masses in Roman days, in Reformation England, and in the Soviet Union just a few decades ago. Through words and witnessing, deeds and doctrine, adventurous Michael and Cecilia learn the central truths of our Catholic Faith and discover how important they are, even today.

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My Review

St. Patrick’s Summer was an assigned text for one of my grad school courses. I’m not sure I would have heard of this book or picked it up otherwise. It is a children’s adventure catechism written prior to the Second Vatican Council to help teach children the Catholic Faith.

The story begins with Michael and Cecilia who are rural village children preparing for their First Holy Communion. Their village does not have a permanent priest or a school. A retired schoolteacher is their catechism instructor. The only problem is that Michael and Cecilia ask questions that their teacher can’t answer.

So their teacher prays and ask St. Patrick to help the children understand the Faith. In the story, St. Patrick appears to the children and helps explain and answer their questions on the Catholic Faith.

This really is a fun way to teach children the basics of the Faith. It is interesting as well as informational. I liked it and would not hesitate to recommend it to all catechists.


Have you ever heard of adventure catechisms before? Would you read one?

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