{SQT} Getting the Religious Ed Classroom Ready

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It is absolutely crazy to realize that religious education starts this coming Wednesday. Usually we would have begun already, but the Director just had her baby so we held off starting. I have been working very hard to get the classroom all ready for the students. It is just about there.



First there is the west wall that starts the theme for my classroom this year: Divine Mercy. The small board on the left is based on the Divine Mercy image. I had a lot of fun getting that board ready.




The northern wall continues the theme of Divine Mercy. This is also the main wall of the classroom and the boards that I use most often. As you can see, I already have the Creed and the first two mysteries of the Rosary ready to go on Wednesday.



Next there is the massive board on the eastern wall of the classroom. I didn’t want to decorate it as one board, so I put boarders around the two sides to separate the two. The Hail Mary side is still missing an image of Our Lady of Lourdes that I will be putting up tomorrow. Both boards will be added to as we discuss Marian apparitions and the saints throughout the year.



We also have a prayer corner that is the space where we finish our class with prayer. The three smaller frames hold holy cards that I change throughout the year depending on what we are discussing in class. We are starting with Saint Kateri, the Eucharist, and Our Lady of Lourdes.



I was also asked to decorate one of the boards in the hallway this year as well. For a theme I picked fall and then came up with the board. I think it turned our marvelously. This board will change twice during the year with an Advent theme and then a Spring theme.


With the help of two students I was able to get all of this done in just three nights. I can’t wait for classes to start so that I can see my students’ reactions to this beautiful room. May the Lord help me to lead these children closer to Him!


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