Review: Tortall and Other Lands – Wonderful Short Stories

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Review: Tortall and Other Lands – Wonderful Short StoriesTortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce
Series: Tortall
Publisher: Bluefire (2010)
Paperback (369 pages)
Via: Library
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Alanna the knight, Numair the mage, Daine the wolf-speaker and more! Favorite and unfamiliar characters in 11 tales, including three brand new stories!
Collected here for the first time are six tales from the land of Tortall, featuring both previously unknown characters as well as old friends. Filling some gaps of time and interest, these stories, some of which have been published before, will lead Tammy’s fans, and new readers into one of the most intricately constructed worlds of modern fantasy. Also included are four other fantasy stories . . . one set in a remote desert, two in an unknown town, and one set in a very familiar locale: New York City, in the present day. Also, as a bonus, there is a non-fantasy story set in contemporary Idaho that proves that Pierce’s ability to spin a tale is not limited to realms of dragons and magic.

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My Review

This is a collection of 11 short stories by Tamora Pierce. Some are set in the Tortall universe of some of her other books and two are set in our world.

My favorite story was about Nawat and Aly. I love Aly and Trickster’s Choice is one of my favorite Tamora Pierce books. It was so nice to see Aly and Nawat again. This story introduces us to Aly and Nawat’s children. I really think this could become a wonderful novel.

I also really enjoyed the story where we get to see Kitten and Spots again. I liked hearing about Numair and Daine from Kitten’s perspective. Hearing about Kitten from Kitten was pretty cool since she was unable to talk in the series she appeared in.

Speaking of Numair, there is another story he plays a role in. we get to learn about the tree who became a man when Numair turned Tristan into an apple tree. That was in Wolf-Speaker. It was cool to learn about how this tree-turned-man had to adjust to life as a human.

These were just some great stories. Quite a few of them dealt with strong young women. These girls are not to be told what they can and cannot do. They will do as they please.

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