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Armchair BEA

To be completely honest, I almost always judge books by their covers. If a book has a gorgeous cover, I am much more apt to read the synopsis. I just love pretty covers.

I love it when the covers in a series match. Often paperbacks get cover redesigns. If this is the case, I always want my covers to match and I will track down the cover I want. If that isn’t possible, I won’t make the biggest fuss. The story inside is more important than the cover.

Some of the book covers I absolutely adore are the Green Rider covers. They all match elements of the story and they are just beautiful! The Winner’s Trilogy also has beautiful covers even if they aren’t exactly the dresses Kestrel wore.

As for my blog aesthetics, I have been meaning to update my theme colors and header for months. I haven’t gotten around to it or found anything I love yet. If you have any suggestions on that front, I’d love to hear them!


What are your favorite book covers? And please help me with blog colors/header advice!

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