October 2016 in Review

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October 2016 in Review

Things that Happened in October

  • First of all, is October really over already!! Where did October go?
  • I had my first really bad glutening in quite some time yesterday. It was terrible. People have also been questioning my food choices which prompted this Twitter thread.
  • As I am working on this, I have such a terrible headache that I hope this manages to look half-way decent when it posts.
  • Grad school has been exhausting me on top of teaching and everything else I do.
  • I just started a Facebook page for the blog but there isn’t a whole lot there yet.
  • I didn’t get as much read as I should have this month. I am falling behind on grad school reading and ARCs.

My Favorite Book of October

Three Dark Crowns

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

My Favorite Tweets of October

Tweets I Favorited in October

Books I Read in October

Prayer in the Catholic TraditionSt. Patrick's SummerFearless
Three Dark CrownsOnce Upon a PrinceThe Black KeyProportionalism and the Natural Law Tradition

List of Books

Books I Reviewed in October

The Crown's GamePrayer in the Catholic TraditionFangirl
The Shadow QueenA Drop of NightRebel of the SandsMaid of Secrets
Beauty BeginsWalk on Earth a StrangerThe Secret of Pembrooke Park

List of Books

Other October Posts

Things I’m Looking Forward to in November

  •  Thanksgiving, even though I can’t eat any of the traditional foods… 🙁  It will be a nice break from my students though I know I will be working on graduate school stuff.
  • Hopefully, no more glutening… like this is ever going to happen, but it would be nice.
  • ADVENT STARTS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I am a bit excited?)


How was your October? What are you looking forward to in November?

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6 responses to “October 2016 in Review

  1. I checked out your Twitter thread on gluten and wow, people really can be awful. I’m so glad that I CAN eat gluten but I wouldn’t judge people if they can’t or don’t. Obviously for you, you cannot and that’s awful. A friend of mine can’t eat gluten either and I always feel bad when I try and give her something and she has to say she can’t eat it.

    I can’t believe November is here too! I’m actually not a huge fan of the month – I don’t really like Thanksgiving (don’t like the food) but it is getting closer to Christmas, etc. and I love that.

    Came over from Nicole’s monthly wrap up linky list!

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  2. You’re awesome for teaching and doing grad school at the same time! I’m only doing one of those right now and already can’t wait for a break. I hope you get to have a break in November!

  3. danielle hammelef

    wow! you have so much on your plate! I hope you feel better this month and the rest of the year. I want to read Walk the Earth a Stranger because of the reviews.

  4. I really liked Fangirl, Shadow Queen, and Walk This Earth a Stranger. Your other books look pretty good too. I’ve been on the fence about reading Three Dark Crowns, but I might have to give it a try!

    My nephew was diagnosed with celiac in about 1993. It was really hard to find gluten free products at that time, but my sister found a health food store 30 miles away that carried some bulk things she could blend into a GF flour of sorts. My mother-in-law also has celiac, so my family is pretty adept at GF cooking. I KNOW it’s a big deal, and I can’t believe people challenge you on it. Except, I can believe it, because my sister’s mother-in-law used to get annoyed that my nephew wouldn’t take the communion wafer, because she didn’t think God would let him get sick from it. So…yeah. People can get weirdly irate about gluten.
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  5. Carolsue

    Three Dark Crowns is one of my favorite books, too!
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