Top Ten Tuesday: Top Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s list is the Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have.

1. Bookshelf Space

This is currently my biggest problem. I do not have enough space for all of my books. My sister says I have too many books. I do not agree. When we moved a year and a half ago, I sold quite a few of my books. And I still don’t have enough shelf space. 🙁

bookshelf 1
This is half of my current bookshelf space. It obviously isn’t enough.

2. My TBR Pile

I think a more accurate term would be my To Be Read Mountain. And it just keeps getting longer. sigh So many books to read…

3. Picking the Next Read

Having so many books I want to read makes it very difficult to pick the next book to read. I hate having to decide which to read next because I want to read them ALL.

4. Forgetting I’ve Already Read a Book

Mainly this happens with titles I borrow from the digital library. I’ll be reading and suddenly it sounds very familiar. By the time I get half way, I know I’ve already read the book. Now I’m at least keeping track with Goodreads and Google Sheets.

5. Spending Too Much Money

I can’t exactly buy every book I want because of money. I just don’t have the bajillion dollars necessary to buy every single book I want.

6. Books in a Series that Don’t Match

This can drive me crazy when they are on my shelf. My Green Rider series by Kristen Britain is currently terrible. I have books 1, 2 and 4 in paperback while book 3 is hardcover. And I don’t own book 5 yet because I want to get it in paperback. And I want 3 in paperback as well. It is a terrible thing when books in a series don’t match.

green rider series
The hardcover looks so out of place. 🙁

7. Having to Wait for the Next Book in the Series

This is horrid. The waiting period sucks. I have to turn to the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain again to illustrate this. Green Rider came out in 1998. First Rider’s Call came out in 2003. That’s 5 years. Then The High King’s Tomb came out in 2007. That’s 4 years. Blackveil came out in 2010. 3 years there. Mirror Sight came out last year. That is 4 years. I hate the wait! I want to know what happens next!!

8. Not Having Enough Time to Read

This thing called work cuts into my reading time. As does cleaning the house, making a meal, eating and even sleeping. There is just not enough time to read every single book I want to!

9. Not Being Able to Chat About Books In Real Life

No one I know actually will talk books with me. Mainly because a) they don’t care or b) they haven’t read the book. It is horridly depressing sometimes. I just want to talk about an ending and I can’t.

10. The Bookmark Dilemma

I actually don’t use dedicated bookmarks anymore. I used to but then I started using my prayer cards. They are laminated and so they don’t bend or rip or fall apart if I drop them in the snow (I did that once). The dilemma comes in when I have to pick out which prayer card to use. Typically I’ll go with upcoming feast days or just a favorite prayer.


These are the Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have. What are some of yours?


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8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Book Related Problems I Have

  1. I need more people in my life that read books too and who have similar tastes. The more I stare at my bookshelves, the more I hate the fact that several of the series I own are mismatched. Book 1 and 2 are paperback, but book 3 is hardcover. I need to learn to accept it because trying to make it all perfect is going to either drive me crazy or cause me to spend more money that is completely unnecessary. Who needs sleep when one can read!

    • The only matching series I have are four of my Tamora Pierce quartets. It saddens me that not everything matches. I agree with you that I need to get over this or I will be spending all of my money to make my books match.

  2. Hey! This was a fun entry. I suffer with the “non-matching” books syndrome as well. My worst series is the T. Brooks’ Shannara series – its like chaos on my bookshelves. yuck! (Let’s not talk about “spending too much $$” LOL)
    Nawfal Aquinas recently posted…The Crime at Black Dudley